If you have an adapted disable motorcycle rider motorcycle for sale,  we can list them here for free, just email us the photos and information on it, location, price etc


Available for sale:

Dual Hand Brakes, Electric Shifters, Clutch & Brake Hand Controls, Customized Solutions, Pet Carriers, Wheelchair Carriers, Trike Kits, Foot Securing Solutions, Thumb Throttles, Auto Clutches, Ignition Interrupt Kill Switch, Pulse Timer Module and more!


We Take The Disability Out Of The Ride! 

Best Prices In USA Or Canada On Dual Brakes & Electric Shifters Guaranteed!

Helping those with issues that make it difficult to ride their motorcycles. Using dual hand brakes and electronic shifters, modified foot controls, wheelchair carriers, etc for paraplegics, amputees, or just having trouble riding for whatever reason.

Find or listing resources, ride stops, campgrounds, things to do, businesses, travel and tours, all accessible to people with disabilities

Find related disabled organizations, associations, clubs, groups, etc

Right Left Thumb Throttles

Thumb control throttles for motorcycles

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