If you have a motorcycle that can be adapted for disabled riders or have a handicapped motorcycle for sale, please let us know if you wish to also add it here. Send photos and listing information as well as price you are interested in selling it at, and the location where it is, etc.  Send it to disabledbikersparts@gmail.com

We also are starting a donation program, to help people purchase parts to modify their motorcycles based upon their adaptive needs or to purchase used motorcycles and trike kits.  If you would like to donate to the fund, please contact us about it.

For any of the motorcycles you see below that you would like more information about, contact us and we will send you their contact information, please give us the Ref: code listed in the photos below.


2019 DMC Wheelchair accessible Sidecar installed on 2006 Honda Goldwing

Make: Honda

Model: Goldwing

Year: 2006

Color: Black

Miles: 15500

Price: $25,289.00

Location: Norway, Michigan

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REF: Mel:  Wheelchair motorcycle it is a 2010 BMW 1200 Conquest. It has approx 2300 miles on it. Looks and rides like NEW  The price on this is $29,999.00. 

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REF: Harry1:  3 Motorcycles For Sale!

1. Engine turns over. Carbs are there but not hooked up. 13,848 miles on the bike. I have ownership for all 3 motorcycles. The 1976 bike is registered as a 1977.  Takes all 3 motorcycles. It would be nice to see these bikes get used again. Particularly for wheelchair sidecars.  The price on this is $6000.00. 

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REF: Harry2:  3 Motorcycles For Sale!

2. This bike has more mileage 53,434. Engine turns over fine. Motorcycle is complete except no battery

1976 CB750A Hondamatic Motorcycles

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REF: Harry3:  3 Motorcycles For Sale!

3. This unit has 8,014 original miles on it. Engine turns over fine. I have had it in dry storage for the last 10 years. Tank and carbs were drained when I put the bike away. 1977

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