Digital Closed Loop Manual System

Digital Closed Loop Manual System

Pro-Shift Digital Closed Loop Bump & Blip System

You will only need this option if they have no shift linkage on the bike otherwise the Manual B & B II shown below is the ideal option


Probably the fastest manual Flatshifter & Downshift Blipper on earth, providing under 25 mS (millisecond) up shifts and super fast clutchless auto-blipped downshifts.

This unique patent applied for closed loop Flatshifter system USES NO LOAD CELLS.

Providing "flat" upshifting with integrated seamless ignition control, the system also provides ultra high speed auto-blipped downshifts.


Utilising linear potentiometer feedback to sense gear shift position. This double IOM TT winning closed loop Flatshifter System takes individual gear position readings every 1/1000th of an inch. 

Remote digital readout screen makes programming easy.

Integral closed loop controlled self adjusting ignition cuts allow "flat" upshifting in all conditions.

Stand alone  ignition or fuel cuts provided allow "flat" shifts with any ECU.

Ramp facility giving smooth power restoration after "flat" upshifting, ideal for use in wet or slippery conditions.

Optional external ignition or fuel control signal allows the ignition "cuts" or retardation to be operated by a variety of high spec ECU's.

Electronic Remote Cable Downshift-Blipper is "on time" adjustable. This unique ultra fast high powered solenoid driven device is specifically designed to "blip" the throttle to allow seamless clutchless downshifts. Unlike some air or vacuum devices these units will not run out of power during multiple downshifts.

Easily adjustable for "tuning" the system to your personal style of riding.

No requirement for vacuum modules. 

Electronic Downshift-Blipper modules supplied for Drive By Wire (DBW) throttles, providing super-fast electronically "blipped" clutchless downshifts for vehicles featuring this throttle configuration.


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NOTICE:    We are no longer offering the Kliktronic as their USA/Canada rep has insisted we stop selling them, the company that has this distributorship is called Disable Motorcycle Rider and she also sells to SoCal products and is charging over $3000.00 USD for an $860.00 retail product and Kliktronic is allowing it, they won't allow you to purchase direct either, so the disabled community is stuck with it. Therefore, we have switched to another company that as a better product as well.

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