Our Disabled Rider Products

We Take The Disability Out Of The Ride! 

Helping those with issues that make it difficult to ride their motorcycles. Using dual hand brakes and electronic shifters, modified foot controls, wheelchair carriers, etc for paraplegics, amputees, or just having trouble riding for whatever reason.

Selling Motorcycle Dual Hand Brakes, Electric Shifters, Customized Solutions, Pet Carriers, Wheelchair Carriers, Trike Kits, Foot Securing Solutions, Thumb Throttles, Thumb Brakes, Auto Clutches, Ignition Interrupt Switch, Pulse Timer Module and more!

We are offering 10% off to anyone who belongs to an organization or association for people with disabilities that ride or want to ride motorcycles again.  Additional discounts given to bike builders, repair or modifications that work on bikes to get people back on the road as well.  Please feel free to list us on forums, message boards, newsletters, etc this on as well.

We are also offering a 5% discount to those that do not belong to any affiliation.  If you are just having trouble, have a disability or want to help someone who has.


Dual Hand Brakes
Dual Hand Brake Levers

West Performance Dual Hand Brake System or Clutch And Brake, is the perfect solution for motorcycle riders who are unable to use their right foot for rear brake operation.

Suitable for Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, Buell, Boss Hoss, Cagiva, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, MV, Quad Bikes, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and more.

The neat modular design enables independent operation of both front and rear brakes using just one hand.
Alternatively it can be configured for clutch and brake operation, hydraulic and cable modules offer total versatility. Different configurations of handle length, to accommodate hand size, are available.

Can-Am Hand Braking Systems For Spyder Or Ryker Models

Pro Shift Electric Shifters For Motorcycles
Electric Shifters

Pro-Shift electronic shifters, our push button gearchange system which is suitable for all bikes and bike-engined cars, offering an exciting new alternative to manual shifting. quicker, more consistent and convenient, whether for racing, overcoming a disability or simply enhanced riding.

Our Line Of Electric Shifters:

Quickshifter Electric Shifters

PS3.5 Gearshifter

PS2R Gearshift System

PSU Gearshifter

Digital Closed Loop Manual System

Pro-Shift Bump & Blip Shifter II

Blip Only Bike System

Remote Cable Auto Blip

Pit Lane Speed Limiter

Motorcycle Wheelchair Carriers
Motorcycle Wheelchair Carriers & Covers

Now you can bring your wheelchair or scooter with you on your ride!

Service Animal Pet Carriers For Motorcycles
Service Animal Pet Carriers For Motorcycles And Trikes

Now you can bring your companion with you on your ride!

Customized Adaptable Disabled Rider Products
Customized Foot Controls, Foot Securing Devices

These items are based on what your motorcycle is, pricing varies.  They are made to help you keep your feet in place while riding, and also the foot control panel with gas and brake pedals can be used by anyone having difficulty using the hand controls.

Thumb And Twist Throttles
Thumb Shifters/Throttles & Left Handed Twist Throttles

Thumb throttles eliminate the twisting motion and can be put on the left or right hand side, Great for people that need adaptions for right hand functions on your motorcycle, there are many different types, and thumb shifters when the left leg is impaired such as with amputees or paraplegics.

Universal Trike Conversion Kits
Trike Conversion Kits

Trike Kits for changing a 2 wheel to 3 or 4 wheel motorcycles easily.  We have an easy solution to regain your balance on your bike or we also have full on conversion kits available.  There is also financing if you need that too.

Motorcycle Pull Behind Trailers
Motorcycle Trailers

Motorcyle Pull Behind Trailers And Cargo Trailers

Motorcycle Sidecars
Motorcycle Sidecars

Universal Model Sidecars

LegUp Landin Gear Automatic Kickstands
Automatic Dual Kickstands

LegUp LandinGear - Generation II
Like Nothing You Have Seen Before!
LegUp™ Gen II Holding up the Bike

Do you sometimes have difficulty managing your bike at slow speeds? Backing up? With a rider? Many do! That is why we came up with LegUp™ LandinGear!

Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads
Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads

Several styles available

Champion Trikes EZ Steer Kis
Auxiliary Twin Brake Systems

Take a look at the various styles of hand braking systems that could work for your motorcycle.  Combine one of them with the below auto clutch system.  

Champion Trikes EZ Steer Kis
Motorcycle Easy Pull Clutch System

The powered clutch system reduces the required handle pressure from 11-15 lbs, down to 8-10 oz.

The result? An easier riding experience, so you can focus on enjoying your ride, instead of worrying about the clutch.
With the way the input sensor works, it can be adapted to accommodate many different left arm and hand disabilities.