Donated Items, Services and motorcycles or parts to disabled riders

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If you have a motorcycle that can be adapted for disabled riders or have a handicapped motorcycle for sale, please let us know if you wish to also add it to our other page. Send photos and listing information as well as price you are interested in selling it at, and the location where it is, etc.  Send it to

We also have a donation program, to help people purchase parts to modify their motorcycles based upon their adaptive needs or to purchase used motorcycles and trike kits.  


This item has been claimed by Scott Murphy for use on a VW Conversion Trike

Sue has been amazing! Due to my progression of multiple sclerosis I was unable to push the clutch on my Volkswagen trike. Sue put me in touch with Bruce Who builds a clutch assist System that has put me back on the road. I can’t tell you what their assistance has meant to me. I’m back on the road!! Thank you Sue and Bruce!

Hello Scott,
I understand that you and Bruce have connected and that you might be able to use his donation.

Absolutely Sue -  this looks like it’s going to be amazing!  Dave the gentleman  Who bought the trike for me  and who is doing most of the work spoke with Bruce yesterday .  He sent Bruce all the information needed  via email today . 

 Thank you very much for putting me in touch with  Bruce!

Thanks to Bruce For Making This Possible!

I invented the EZ-F Powered Clutch System several years ago because of my own disability with my left arm nerve damage. It take the 20 lbs pull force down to 1-2 lbs. The clutch handle can also be replaced with sensor that can be rotated by the left arm if the hand is missing. I have used mine for about 4 years now and it works perfect.  I would be interested in donating a unit for someone to give it a try.

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