Disabled Riders Who Need Donated Items, Services and motorcycles or parts

We have created this page to help connect those that have with those that are in need and financially need help in getting back in the wind.   Contact us if you would like to be added to the list of recipients or have something you would like to donate

If you have a motorcycle that can be adapted for disabled riders or have a handicapped motorcycle for sale, please let us know if you wish to also add it to our other page. Send photos and listing information as well as price you are interested in selling it at, and the location where it is, etc.  Send it to disabledbikersparts@gmail.com

We also have a donation program, to help people purchase parts to modify their motorcycles based upon their adaptive needs or to purchase used motorcycles and trike kits.  


Hi my name is Jeff i am a 51 yr old disabled male i have ms. And have been told i will be in a wheel chair by the time im 60 i gave my heritage because i couldn't hold it up i went out and bought a sportster i really need a trike kit im too young to give it up i cant afford the trike without some assistance or help i dont email but you can text or call we barely servive on my ssi disability any help you could offer would be wonderful thanks from my humble family  

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I have been looking at the 2017 Honda Rebel 300 & 300 abs. Need enough speed to travel a bit to visit friends and family and make short interstate hops. Nothing too heavy as my left leg is.mostly metal. I sat on a Rebel 300 abs. It was a good bit of bike under me but not too much. This would be my means of transportation besides the bus. I honestly don't want a car. I love to ride and my moped just isn't enough.

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