Left Side Rear Hand Brakes On Motorcycles

Left Side Rear Hand Brakes For Motorcycles

Needs to be modified to the motorcycles specification by a licensed mechanic or custom bike builder who is experienced in building bikes and trikes

Left Side Rear Hand Brakes

The perfect complement to an auto clutch, the Left-Hand Rear Brake allows riders to operate the rear brake using their left hand.

The new system features a full-size billet master cylinder Mount Technology.

This provides high-performance braking power with expanded mounting options to better position the lever without disrupting other controls, or hand guards.

The Left-Hand Rear Brake maintains the function of the existing foot pedal adding the ability to actuate the rear bike with the left hand helps riders navigate challenging terrain including steep declines and narrow ridges with ease.

In addition, it provides riders the ability to use their left hand to drag the rear brake in cornering situations for better line setup and control.

Made in the U.S.A.

$899.00 Includes USA Shipping, Contact Us To Purchase

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