Motorcycle Easy Pull Clutches

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The powered clutch system reduces the required handle pressure from 11-15 lbs, down to 8-10 oz.

The result? An easier riding experience, so you can focus on enjoying your ride, instead of worrying about the clutch.
With the way the input sensor works, it can be adapted to accommodate many different left arm and hand disabilities.

The Electric Zero-Force powered clutch system (EZ-F)(pat pending) was designed to accommodate motorcyclist with left arm and hand issues to be able to continue to ride more comfortably.

The EZ-F also helps anyone who does not like the heavy pull force needed at the clutch handle. So if you ride in a lot of traffic and are constantly pulling the clutch handle, have any weakness in your clutch hand, then this is the product for you.

The typical clutch handle pull is around 12-20 lbs. depending on the size of engine and whether the clutch plate springs have been upgraded to heavy duty or not. With the higher torque motor of today, the clutch springs need to apply much more force. This adds more force at the clutch handle and for some riders, it is very difficult to pull the clutch handle to disengage the clutch.

The principle behind the EZ-F powered clutch system is to utilize the motorcycle battery system to pull the clutch cable for you. The movement is controlled by a position sensor on the clutch handle that sends a signal to the power control box to pull the clutch cable in exact proportion, speed, and position as your hand movements.

The drive mechanism consists of a “worm gear” that moves a cam plate and provides the needed torque to pull the clutch cable. When the drive is not moving the clutch cable, it is held in place mechanically by the worm drive and draws no current from the battery.

The control box houses the motor controller and feedback electronics. The motor controller sees the signal from the clutch handle sensor and compares it to the signal from the feedback sensor that is moved by the drive motor in the control box. The motor controller will then move the drive motor to match the two signals. In other words, the drive motor will mimic all hand movements seen at the clutch handle sensor.

The clutch handle pulling force is now determined by two small compression springs, located inside the sensor box. The rider can change these to the amount of force that is comfortable with. 8-16 ounces of pull would be typical.

Installation is easy. Simply remove the existing clutch cable from the clutch handle, install the position sensor on the clutch handle in place of the cable you just removed, mount the power control box on the handle bars, windshield, roll bars, or frame, attach the existing clutch cable to the control box, and the last step is to connect the power cable to the motorcycle battery and ignition switch. Installation instructions HERE:

The EZ-F powered clutch system can be used on any motorcycle, trike, or ATV. Each motorcycle manufacture uses different clutch cable ends. Harley Davidson has two different styles. There are different interchangeable clutch cable adapters to accommodate your needs. When ordering, there is a specific SKU# for your motorcycle brand and year. If you do not see your brand, model and year, please contact Adaptive Technology, LLC, and we will do everything possible to get the proper cable adapter for you.

The EZ-F powered clutch control box can be mounted in many different places on your motorcycle as long as the existing clutch cable can reach it without over bending. The unit comes standard with hardware needed to install on the windshield or the handle bars. If you plan to install on the frame or roll bars, you will need different hardware to accommodate the larger diameter tube. Handle bars are typically 1” and roll bars are 1.25”.

Shipping Not Included  $1000.00 USD