Thumb Throttles, Foot Throttles & Twist Throttles

We now carry left side twist throttles!!!


Thumb throttles eliminate the twisting motion and can be put on the left or right hand side, Great for people that need adaptions for right hand functions on your motorcycle, there are many different types, and thumb shifters when the left leg is impaired such as with amputees or paraplegics. 

Customer Membership: 10% off to anyone who belongs to an organization or association for people with disabilities.  Contact us with the name of the organization, your member id and we will apply the discount and refund the difference.

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We offer a Left Twistgrip Assembly that is identical to the Internal Throttle Assembly, except that it is for use on the left side of the bars and has a reversed spiral with a steeper angle to double the leverage. This can be used to pull a cable for many custom applications, but we frequently use it to activate the clutch - so we have combined it with our Twist Clutch Cable to create a complete Twist Clutch Assembly.

Left Side Twist Throttles For Motorcyces

48V Thumb Throttle with battery indicator & on/off switch Wuxing Brand
High quality E-bike thumb throttle with 48V battery indicator
Good quality, nice looking with battery indicator
For: 48V E-bike, Electric bicycle conversion kit
Cable length: 1600mm
Wuxing brand
Black color
No any handle bar
Wiring Diagram:
Throttle: Red---+5V;
White---Signal; Black---Gnd
Battery indicator:  Green---Positive
Ignition switch: Yellow & grey


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Thumb Throttle Extension

Eliminates thumb and hand fatigue on long rides.

    Can be formed to custom fit any size hand.
    Fits all thumb throttles.
    Made in the U.S.A.


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Motorcycle Moose Racing Throttle Combo

Moose Racing Dual Gasser Thumb/Twist Throttle

If you’re like me and can never decide if you prefer thumb throttle or twist throttle the Moose Racing Dual Gasser Thumb/Twist Throttle is perfect for you. The Dual Gasser allows you to switch back and forth from thumb to twist on the fly. Use the twist in wide open areas and the thumb in tight technical stuff. You might be doing a team race and you guys can’t decide what throttle to go with, the Dual Gasser is the way to go.


Billet aluminum construction is strong and lightweight
Anodized in four different colors
Eliminates thumb fatigue
Combines the features of a thumb throttle and a twist throttle
Convenient twist locks out so that the grip is solid when using

the thumb lever
Will not fit any throttle with electrical sensors
Made in the U.S.A.

$299.00  Comes in Black, Blue, Red, Silver  Make a note in the checkout

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Motorcycle Cruise Control Thumb Throttle

Motorcycle Cruise Control Thumb Throttle

This allows you to comfortably maintain a steady throttle control on your motorcycle. It eliminates the need to clench your wrist for long periods of time and makes riding much more enjoyable. This easy-to-install paddle dramatically reduces wrist fatigue often caused by long rides.

No tools are required for installation. Just spring it open and slip it on.

This is not a throttle lock, but rather a motorcycle cruise assist. With a relaxed

hand on the throttle, this type of cruise control allows for much easier throttle

operation. It is easier to operate and more versatile than traditional and mechanical

motorcycle cruise controls.

We have seven different models to choose from. We have a size for over sized

grips that you’ll find on a Harley motorcycle, as well as a wide, narrow, long and

short model. We even have chrome-finished paddles available.

$30.00   Comes in Black, Pink, Chrome, also thin or thick lever 

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Left Handed Twist Throttles

Alloy Right Left Brake Lever & Twist Throttle Hand Grip & Kill Starter On/Off Switch For MiniMoto Dirt Bike Motorcycle Atv Quad
Item specifics

    Brand Name: xlsion
    Item Type: Ropes & Cables
    Model Name: C0011+C0158+C0154
    Item Weight: 0.369kg
    feature: Brake Levers +Twist Throttle +Hand Grips

$125.00 Plus Shipping

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Motorcycle Foot Throttle

Foot Controlled Throttle

Potentiometer Throttle (Foot Pedal)
0-5KΩ Speed Signal Device (3-Wire Pot Throttle)
Model: EFP-005



  • The foot pedal could be installed at both ends of rotating shaft

  • Signal output: 0-5KΩ  ± 0.1KΩ (BI potentiometer P270-033B)

  • Solid metal case, ingress protection: IP55

  • Installation kit is included: bolts, nuts and washes

  • Mating connector is included

$330.00 Includes Shipping

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