Pit Lane Speed Limiter

Pitlane Speed Limiter

Pro-Shift Dual Speed Pitlane Speed Limiter (TM)


Available for all Superbikes, this unique stand alone system provides integrated seamless ignition or fuel injection control and is compatible with sequential gearboxes.

The main features include:-

Integral controlled adjustable ignition or fuel interruption allowing precise control over pit lane speeds or can be used as a dual speed device for road use.

The device works with all types of ignition ECU (electronic or old points system) so is suitable for use on older or historic vehicles.

Equally compatible with race and catalytic converter exhaust systems.

Stand alone 12 volt operation.

Operable on Superbikes with headlight flasher switch.

Handlebar Switchgear (optional extra) available for race bike applications.


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Pit Lane Speed Limiter

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NOTICE:    We are no longer offering the Kliktronic as their USA/Canada rep has insisted we stop selling them, the company that has this distributorship is called Disable Motorcycle Rider and she also sells to SoCal products and is charging over $3000.00 USD for an $860.00 retail product and Kliktronic is allowing it, they won't allow you to purchase direct either, so the disabled community is stuck with it. Therefore, we have switched to another company that as a better product as well.

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