Wiz Rant BUILDING GOODTIME CHARLIE Rick Strand built “Goodtime Charlie” for right around $10K This only goes to show you what an old school guy can do with a few bucks and a lot of know-how. “Goodtime Charlie” is named after Rick’s friend

Charlie Brechtel of the “Biker’s Inner Circle”. Read on as Rick details, in his own words and pictures, how this unique ride was fashioned. I got the chassis real cheap from a bike shop down by Des Moines, Iowa that was going out of business by the name of Wooden Shoe Customs, doesn't that just scream speed? The used Indian 88 c.i.engine and tranny I had to go through by replacing all the gaskets, seals, bushings, bearings, etc. But I had a lot of the stuff from partially used gasket sets from other projects. And the ones I didn't have I made using gasket paper or modified rubber gaskets from different year/models. The calipers aren't supposed to fit the chassis so I made or modified them to work, after I rebuilt them cause they were shot, that's why they were in the used bin. I seldom throw any scooter part away because maybe somebody will come along with something in worse shape than what I got. The nose cone on the motor is a 1940 6-volt generator end cover, shift linkage is the center of a rigid frame bitchstick welded to a splined shaft, the rear brake pedal is a suicide clutch pedal cut off and rewelded in the opposite direction, made bushings and a rod going back to a used rebuilt master cylinder. As you can see the parts I didn't have I made. I like to make my scooters functional that's why it's got saddle bags and floorboards for long runs. It's also got electric and footshift. The hair hanging on the bitchstick is my son's first haircut when he was about 5 years old with leather braided into it so it don't fall to pieces. The bike is patterned off of Hogg Ryders 1937 Webley-Vickers from the old "Cycletoons" magazine. Anybody around there remember that one? That's why it's got the fork boots and old style P pad. The paint job I got done in trade for working on their bikes. I built this one from parts from all different years that aren't EVEN supposed to fit together. Let's just say "Some fitting is required". We here at Bikerhotline.com appreciate Rick’s insightful and informative articles and look forward to more in the future. Ride free Rick and everyone else out there...

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