Wiz Rants Authority!



Bow down to my Authoitiye, you subservient little worm!! I am in power so therefore I must be right, Right? I've got the badge and the gun and the legal system, and as far as you are concerned GOD, on my side. I can control, manipulate, coerce, harvest, sell, use, incarcerate, and even kill you if I wish. Take that you Freedom Fighter you! There are some among us who believe just that, I have heard some individuals say that we are just kidding ourselves when we comment on how we defeated the helmet law again this year, or changed some piece of legislation through our efforts. They say the powers that be LET us ride without a helmet, that they could take that right away at any time, if they wanted to. I personally don't adhere to that type of defeatest thinking. I think and have seen that we CAN make a difference in our governmental policies that we live under. We still have some POWER left so let's use it! Flat refusal of the law will get you nowhere but in jail or worse. If you want change you must use the tools and go through the proper channels to effect it. We in this country have the ability to do that. Many in this world have not and do not have that priviledge. Being a "Good Citizen" and blindly following the dictates of the government in power at the time can be deadly! Tell it to the Jews in Nazi Germany when told to get on the train "for their own good!" I have a hard time being told what to do and how to live, it may not be a boxcar they are telling me to get into, but to me it is a box just the same. I willingly submit on my knees to the authority of the Maker of Creation, but balk at the authority of man. God's laws yes, man's laws, maybe! I think we are all in that headtrip.The average person drives 5 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, we all fudge the law a little bit, feels good don't it, you outlaw you? If we listened to all the talk "for our own good" we probably wouldn't be riding them murdersickels either! I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said "To a person who consents, no injustice is done." Shakespear said "Do not walk quietly into that good nite." Pastor Al, a personal friend of mine and the leader of a "biker" church, has a slogan on bandanas and t-shirts that says "These Sheep have Teeth" with the picture of a sheep's head with big fangs! Some of the original colonies had on their flag a picture of a snake with "Don't Tread on Me" written underneath! Without dissent our country would not even exist! It took individuals banding together and standing up to the existing powers that be to change their destiny. "Oh, England just LET us be a separate country," yeah right!! It required some to give up their lives to the cause of Freedom, whatever it takes Baby! You got to get out of your comfort zone and stick your neck out! Turtles accomplish nothing but a long life in their SHELL! Thinking and doing things "outside of the box" has led to our greatest achievements! Don't just be "another brick in the wall" but rather that loose cannon rattling the foundation and busting the wall down if need be if that wall is holding you in! VIVA la REVOLUTION!! Zzen news, if ya are interested, after all that's what this column is supposed to be about in the first place. Is that long-winded SOB done ranting/foaming at the mouth yet so we can get sum real news in here somewhere? We'll slip this in while he's catching his breath! The last secret meeting of those low-life Zzen members was attended by 14 regulars and 1 guest [run, run like the wind, you have no idea what you might be in for or implimented in. The official term is CONSPIRICY]. They conned the Legion in Lennox into having their illegal assembly there, I hope they can still retain their liquor licence after the feds find out about who they let into the joint! I guess the t-shirt sales are going great [they have two styles; straight orange or bold black and white stripes, YUK-YUK]. Patti and Slack went to the Meeting of the Minds [between the two of them it counted for one vote!! Just kidding, they are intelligent, dynanic, good-looking, blessing to mankind, individuals!] They had a good turnout for the gathering up in Sherman with the actual numbers present being classified information. The first Zzen Rodeo at Ed and Dea's Backwoods Bar in Marion went great also so I hear. I never have any fun, never get to go anywhere, never, never, never do anything! It's kinda hard with only a 10 foot length of logchain on my ankle! Is it feeding time yet? Oh well back to the news. We got two new members who later on in life will rue the day they joined! And the real ironic part of the whole deal is the city of Marion asked for us to do it again next year from what I heard, boy are they starved for entertainment! The Zzen Christmas Party will be December 13th at the Chancellor Bar @ 1pm. Activities will include pin the tail [and other nasty things] on the first person to pass out, nitrogliserin toss [that's always a BLAST!!], new member iniation [I hope they remember to bring the vasaline this time, last year was kinda rough], gorge and purge competion [messy, bring a bib], and show your lastest scar contest! Havin' sum fun now, boy!! If you get this in time we have another meeting November 7th at the Phoenix Lounge [Turk's place, bring a pool cue, you might need it, and I ain't talkin' about playin' pool with it either!] in Harrisburg @ 1pm. Well I've spilled enough beans for this installment [probably too many as a matter of fact]. Please forgive me for I know not what I do or say. I am just a pawn in this merry go round of life! See ya on the next revolution! HOOTIE-HOOT!!! Wiz

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