Born Wild We've waited and waited, getting a glimpse of it here and there only to have it dashed by snow and ice but I think it's finally arrived... I'm talkin' 'bout SPRING, TA-DA, It's here!! "Get your motor runnin', Head out on the highway, Lookin' for Adventure, and Whatever comes our way! I'm sumthun, sumthun, sumthun, Take the world in a Love Embrace, Fire all of your Guns at once an' Explode into Space, You're a True Natures Child, You were BORN, BORN TO BE WILD!!!!" RRUUMMM,RRUUMMM!! Take that watch and throw it away. Yeah right, Like I said I'm sooo old school, I'm pre-school, Somehow a biker and a cell phone just don't seem to go together in my book. Although I too have been seduced and corrupted into always having one within arms reach, GOD what has happened to me, have I turned into what I most despised...A YUPPIE BIKER!!! SHOOT ME NOW!!! Next thing you know I'll be wearing new designer leathers, having the Harley shop put on my "Live to Ride" mirrors, derby and points covers, etc. @ $90. per hour shop time, and then hauling my Full dress bagger with stereo and GPS to Sturgis behind my motor home. The Freedom of throwing caution to the wind, accepting anything that comes to us in this adventure of the open road, be it the weather, breakdowns, accidents, blood, and death and not caring because if that's the price I must pay so be it. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE, it comes with a cost. Just you and your scooter, alone, wow, now that's freedom. The more baggage we have the less free we are. We create our own prisons in our plush, comfortable, expensive, cells. Look at Nature's creations, the birds, animals, the creatures of the oceans, they don't carry a bunch of stuff with them to survive and aren't we allegedly one of those creatures also? We are the only one's that need [or so we were led to believe] MONEY to survive. Let's look at our needs, really; First off, what we can't be without for more than a few minutes, is air. Ta-Da it's free! Secondly, what we can't live without for more than a few days, is water. Ta-Do, it's free too, falls out of the sky on us! Thirdly, what we can't live without for more than a few months is food, Ta-De, it's all around us like a tree. We have flat teeth in back for chewing the bark off and fangs for eating the squirrel that lives in it. So our actual needs are taken care of naturally [anybody notice what that word is made from "nature"]. It's this society and it's spokesperson named television telling us "You NEED a new car, a BIGGER house, a SEXY, GORGEOUS mate, etc." HORSECRAP I say!! Seems like they are continually weaving us thicker and thicker into the web of debt. The more you are into it the more you are saying "Bye, Bye" to freedom. I'm as guilty as the next. I try to say "Live for Today, 'cause that's all we ever got", but an old boy reminded me one time by asking "You buy more than one roll of toilet paper at a time don't you?" Ya got me on that one. I sure don't got the answers, just observations. Oh well at least we are striving for freedom more than most so you got to give us credit for that, and that kind of credit is FREE!!! I finally got some Zzen news to report, HALLEYUYUH!! They tracked me down [well actually they called that Freebird goomer's wife and she relayed the message, she's a pretty good gal, smart, attractive, he's a lucky son of a gun] and gave me sumthun' to say about the chapter, go figure. Here we go; John reported the State Rep minutes, also John "Slack" Addy is the State ABATE historian so if you have any interesting tidbits about our history of freedom fighting in this state contact him. The Meeting of the Minds is Sept. 24-27 in Bloomington, MN. A Zzen member suggested we take a bus and doing the Rennasance Festival on the way back, that would be fun, let me get my armor and broadsword and kick some butt! 50/50 was won by Ed Barr, SOL of $35. went to Patrick O'Sullivan [Luck 'O the Irish] but he wasn't there [not so Luck 'O the Irish (potato famin)], next SOL will be 54 bucks [were talkin' sum big money now, boy]. No May meeting, Whew, I'm getting tired of havin' to go to all these meetings! Next official assembly of us dregs of society is June 6th, at The Backwoods Bar in Marion [you know, Ed and Dea's place, they're good people too] @ 1:00 pm. We want to thank all the businesses that did the Ham boards for us, and all those who bought squares to help us raise some dough for our chapter. Congratulations to the winners, enjoy your meat! Wow, I'm glad to have some actual ABATE news to convey for a change. Till next time, HOOTIE-HOOT!!! Wiz

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