CHANGE What should we examine today? How about "CHANGE"? That's a good one that is pertinent to all of us as we speak. Do you know the only constant in Nature that never changes? The only thing that you can count on to always remain the same? ....Got yer brain workin'?....Thinkin' hard ain't cha?....I see smoke comin' out yer ears!... OK, enough with the suspense....The answer to the $50,000. question is........wait fer it.......CHANGE!!! The ONLY thing that never changes is CHANGE!! Wow, what a concept! The grass/plants are always growing, the concrete is slowly decomposing, the air is movin', the sounds you hear are always something different, etc. Yer bodies have cells dying 'an being replaced with new ones constantly, each breath is a new one! EVERYTHING is in a never-ending cycle of CHANGE! We would like things to remain the same, but that ain't gonna happen! Get used to it, 'cause tryin' to fight it is a losing battle! People, places, 'an things are gonna move/alter/evolve/digress/grow/die/be born/pass/arrive/leave/marry/divorce/graduate/fall/be uplifted/Yada,Yada,Yada!!! I know you catch my drift! Tryin' to keep things the same will lead to unhappiness and frustration ['an maybe alcohol 'n drug addiction to cope with your resistance, I can help you with that, iffin' ya want to CHANGE]. I used to be one of the hardest aboozer's of legal and illegal substances [those that knew me before will attest to that]. But now I'm a Level 2 Alcohol and Drug Counselor. You wanna talk about CHANGE, SONOFA!! I was a very good soldier for the destructive forces of Evil, but now I serve another Master, for a positive/constuctive quest to help mankind! You gotta remain fluid, go with the flow! Allow yourself to be free 'an open to the smorgasbord life has to offer! "What does not bend...BREAKS!!" Rigidity in your attitude will lead to disaster! "Lighten Up, Francis!!" [from the movie "Stripes", Sgt. Hulka, ya know, the "Big Toe"] Change can be tough, like a divorce, it can be very painful. But; good, bad, or indifferent, ya gotta do it! Who knows, it might be better, or worse, but it's gonna take it's course, and there ain't nuttin' you can do about it but adapt! That's what evolution is all about, adaptation to changing conditions! If ya don't, ya die off and are replaced by those that did! Ya want to be a dinosaur or a bird? Keep yer old ways 'an... Nice knowin' ya, Bye, Bye!! Don't let the door hit ya in the butt! Personally, I'd rather move on, maybe even IMPROVE! Wow, is that possible? You bet yer Bippy it is! We have the potential, if we allow ourselves to CHANGE! So git to it everybody, hop on the train of constant adaptation, enjoy the ride! ‘Cause you'll wind up sumplace ya never been before!! Wiz

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