CHOICES CHOICES...We all have and make them and then deal with the consequences of their implementation. People will whine and complain about how terrible their lives are when with their choices put them there. Examples; Problem: In debt. Choice made: You spent beyond your income! Problem: Lonely. Choice made: You shut yourself off from giving love so you get none in return! Problem: Angry. Choice made: You allowed people, places, or things of which you have no control over to get inside you to make you upset! Problem: Resentment. Choice made: You envied what you don't have instead of being grateful for what you do have! Problem: DUI. Choice made: Well Duh!!! The solutions to all of our problems are within us if we just take the time to listen. They are a subtle whisper that we tend to override with our rationalize and justify ego. We talk ourselves into so much crap and if someone points it out to us we get all pissed off since we think that we are the only one who has it all figured out. We close ourselves off from any other opinion other than our own. We are inflexible in our beliefs. What does not bend breaks! To learn is to be open to other information and viewpoints. Ironically the definition of stupidity is thinking you have it all figured out. Those who know the least are the most vocal. A truly wise man is humble. The older I get it seems the less I know and the more I realize my shortcomings. I consider that to be growth. Stagnation is the alternative. Let the river of change flow through you, it cleanses and washes away the cesspool that can develop in our unwavering resistance to new ideas. I just enrolled in college, first time since I graduated high school in '72! Hopefully they can teach this old dog some new tricks. What is the only constant in nature that never changes? Answer: CHANGE itself!!! Everything is always in a transition. All life is either growing or dying, sometimes both at the same time. Old cells passing away to be replaced by new ones. All bodies in the universe are in motion. Nothing remains the same. Trying to rigidly keep things the way they are is a losing battle, you ain't gonna win that one. Why try because new growth is a beautiful thing, revel in it! Let's all aspire for the better!! On to Zzen chapter news: I'll just try to wing this since I was at the swap meet all weekend and missed the last secret gathering of our illustrious clan at the Phoenix bar in Harrisburg. I understand Rick Niezwaag was elected our Grand Pooba and I wish him well in his new position. Same goes for our new President of our United States, not red and blue states but the UNITED STATES of America. Let's see if we can work together and restore dignity and fairness to the country we love and are willing to die for. The Greatest nation in the world! I digress, I heard they had about 20 or so people show up at the meeting, pretty good attendance for our underground society. Maybe 'cause there was a rumor of that Wiz guy wouldn't be there disrupting everything. Someone was supposed to fill me in on the topics covered but as of this writing haven't received anything. Don't know who won the 50/50 or the SOL or nuthin'. I'm sure they did good for bikers and our rights everywhere. I have unwavering faith in them and you all to do what is right for the betterment of mankind! Getting kinda deep around here, sumthun' smells, time to git the hipwaders! HOOTIE-HOOT!!! Till next time, WIZ P.S. I bet you thought I forgot. Our next secret, highly confidential, clandestine, utterly anonymous, hidden, underground meeting is at the Chancellor bar on December 13th @ 2pm. By the way it is also our Zzen Christmas party. HO-HO-HO!!!

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