Wiz Rant COMPASSION COMPASSION, What's that all about? It seems to be a little known lost value these day in our "F*CK 'EM, I'm going to get all I can for ME" world. When you are laying in that box [and we all are going to wind up there, they said a guy beat it 2,000 years ago but that's a whole 'nuther story for debate], you won't be remembered for what you took but rather what you gave. Did you leave the world a better place or be part of the selfish mess. "GIMME, GIMME, MINE, MINE!! You can't take it with you. You don't see a U-Haul at a funeral. The only bank account that really matters is the one you build up by giving. And it's got the best interest rate because whatever you give you get back ten-fold. It don't cost nothing to open a door for someone or leave a convenience store person with a smile on their face. To be there to help anyone who is hurting, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Everyone needs a sincere hug. Do you feel good after you just screwed someone out of a couple of bucks? Heck No! We knew it was wrong when we did it. Your conscience is always there to tell us what is the right thing to do. Whether we listen to it or override it with our own "rationalize and justify" attitude. "I deserve it" has gotten nobody nowhere as far as the whole human condition goes. They asked the Dali-Lama from Tibet if he could sum up in one word the philosophy of one of the oldest, most highly evolved, teachings, [Old style Tibetan Zen-Bubbisum] and he said Compassion! Love of everyone and everything! A life of Love beats the heck out of a life of hate. Caring about the wake you leave behind. You sure sleep alot better at night knowing you did your best for others. I know many people with alot of money and expensive things that are spiritually bankrupt. A person who is at peace within themselves is truly wealthy. And nobody can take that away with a stroke of a pen. Tell that to the savings and loan industry right now! I hope we all can catch this drift and spread a little good in our daily lives, in the lives of others, and in our existence. On to Zzen chapter news; Had a good meeting down at the Phoenix bar in Harrisburg with members and looky-loos alike [welcome Meg, Dawn, and Mark]. Stuff covered was we did OK with the Gathering in Sherman, made a couple of sheckles for the chapter. Took nominations for officers, Common' Bonnie we need you for President, you're the best! That Wiz guy volunteered to be treasurer, but for some reason nobody wanted to put our money in the hands of someone nodody can find. We'll be putting out boards to win spiral-cut hams, YUMMY! We voted to give some dough to the city of Whitewood to fix their electrical troubles at the park they have let us use for our Social Hour at Sturgis for boocoo years. They said they will put up a plaque for our help, which is cool. Patty Addy won the 50/50 and gave it back to the chapter, I knew I liked her for some reason. Linda Askern won the SOL and donated it to the Whitewood fund, way to go Girl! Ed and Dea might be having the Rodeo over at their place, The Backwoods in Marion, next year. We are still working out the details on that. Next secret assembly of us swarthy characters is November 1st back at The Phoenix Bar in Harrisburg @ 1:00 pm. Christmas party is at the Chancellor Bar December 13th @ 2:00 pm. HO-HO-HO!!! Till the next round of ramblings, HOOTIE-HOOT!!! Take Care of yourself and others, WIZ

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